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Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.
Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.

Farm Raised Turbot from Spain

(Psetta maximus):FARMED


The turbot is an inshore flatfish that is found mostly in European waters, thriving in the Mediterranean and on sandbanks in the North Sea. A master of disguise, the turbot’s symmetrical shape and sandy brown color allows it to lay incognito along the ocean floor to avoid predators and to feed. Unlike many other flatfish, it has no scales, but sports bony tubercles on its body for protection. Foremost, however, it is coveted for its wonderful flavor and texture when prepared – and is considered an elite seafood item among chefs around the globe. Its popularity on the plate traces all the way back to Roman times, when it was called “the Pheasant of the Sea.”

The aquaculture of this fish now allows many to enjoy its fine qualities without the prohibitive expense and limited supply associated with wild caught turbot. STOLT Sea Farms of Galicia, Spain is at the forefront of producing these fully sustainable and traceable fish. Using the latest research and development, they have been able to duplicate the natural life cycle of the fish in controlled conditions, fully traceable from reproduction and breeding, through larval and juvenile stages, to adulthood and harvest, a process that takes up to three years to complete. Control of light, water temperature, lower density stocking and minimal invasive human contact allow them to thrive in these conditions.

Raised in eco-responsible sea farms supplied with water directly pumped in from the Atlantic, these fish are all-natural, fed on a diet with no land-based animal blood or bone meal or Genetically Modified Foods. Purged before harvest and humanely terminated in low stress in a slush bath, the fish are shipped immediately and directly to us at Browne Trading Co. – and arrive in the pristine condition the left the water in, fresh and never frozen.

With its firm and delicious white flesh, the Turbot is highly regarded by many of our nation’s top chefs. It’s traditionally pan fried or whole roasted for best results. Commonly available as 4-6 pound fish.

Harvest Region: Spain

Seasonality: Year Round

Yield (Fillet Percentage): 48%

Flavor Profile: Mild, Delicate

Texture Profile: Medium Firm


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