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Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.
Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.
The Importance of Caviar Labels & Co-Branding

The Importance of Caviar Labels & Co-Branding

What Makes Browne Trading Caviar Stand Out?

In the international realm of caviar, many words circulate around without authenticity. For instance, some companies use the term “Russian Osetra”. This is false advertising because Russian caviar has been banned from import since 2008 due to most of it being wild (Forbes, 2022).

This is just one example of common inaccuracy. For this reason, Browne Trading Company believes that high quality goes hand in hand with transparency. After all, caviar is a special purchase. People should know exactly what kind of caviar they buy and where that caviar comes from.

There is no better way to showcase caviar’s authenticity than by acknowledging our caviar farm partners. Interestingly, Browne Trading Company is the ONLY company in the USA that co-brands with caviar farms. Co-branding means that our logo and the caviar farm logo reside on the same caviar label. When you compare caviar companies, including the farm is hugely significant.

Royal Belgian & Browne Trading Company Co-Branding

The label should tell you the sturgeon specie, country of origin, ingredients (if there are any preservatives, dyes), and date. Including all of these attributes in addition to the caviar farm ensures our customers that their caviar is coming from an ethical, sustainable, and high quality source. In other words, showcasing caviar farms’ logos adds accountability.

Caviar Galilee

A great example is our partnership with Caviar Galilee in Israel. We personally know the producers, Hilla and Asf. They visit us and we have visited their farm in Europe. We know that they only raise osetra sturgeon, that they add zero dyes to their pearls, that their caviar texture is attributed to a salt cure, and that they taste test every batch before deeming it Browne Trading worthy.  

Giaveri Caviar

The same goes for the Giaveri Caviar Farm. Our owner continues a close relationship with this family-run operation and has visited the farm in Treviso, Italy. Browne Trading trusts Giaveri’s quality and Giaveri knows to send us the best. In other words, we represent each other, requiring both brands to produce the finest caviar. In addition to trusting Giaveri, we make sure to market their caviar appropriately.

Browne Trading label with Giaveri farm & accurate sturgeon specie

For instance, we label the Beluga Hybrid honestly, as a cross-breed of beluga sturgeon and siberian sturgeon after pure beluga was banned. Many companies do not mention that their beluga is a hybrid.

As shown above, caviar labels and caviar marketing is crucial. The best way to check your caviar is on the label. It should have legitimate specie, country of origin, and ingredients. In addition, labels offer insight into a company’s relationship with their caviar producers. This speaks volume to caviar quality.

Browne Trading Company proudly and exclusively co-brands with Giaveri, Royal Belgian, Imperial, Sterling, Marshallberg, and Galilee. These farms provide transparency and traceability regarding sturgeon production, grading, and packing. After all, if you spend money on caviar, don’t you want to know what you’re eating?

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