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Imperial Gold Osetra Caviar

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Our Imperial Gold Osetra Caviar is produced from the classic osetra sturgeon. This caviar comes from the same sturgeon stock as the Imperial Osetra. However, the uber bright color sets this grade apart so we offer it as a different variety from the same exquisite sturgeon. Specially graded, only the most florescent gold pearls receive the GOLD approval. Please note, we have a limited number of tins for this caviar so do not wait to order the most beautiful and brightest caviar!
The striking gold color of this osetra caviar alone makes it an exclusive selectionhowever, its large pearls and firm texture make equally as palatable on your tongue as it is on your eyes. Each pearl individually melts in your mouth with a nutty flavor and smooth finish.
Historically, if a Russian osetra caught in the Caspian Sea exhibited golden pearls, its roe was immediately ear-marked for the Tsar himself.

Imperial Gold Osetra Caviar Tasting Notes

  • Species: (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) Osetra Sturgeon
  • Color: golden
  • Taste: delicate, buttery & clean
  • Size of pearls: medium-large
  • Texture: firm
  • Country of origin: China

Read more about our partnership with Imperial caviar farm here.

Important 12 Gram Information

We are currently rolling out a 12 gram option for some of our caviars. The 12 gram size is perfect for sampling. Due to caviar pearl's delicate texture, these small sample sized tins might reflect a softer pearl than in our larger sizes.
Additionally, the small tin requires a thinner tool than your typical caviar key. We recommend a coin or butter knife. For those looking for an easier experience, we recommend 30 grams (1 ounce) or larger.

Caviar Grading Process

All the caviar offered by Browne Trading is graded by our Caviar Master, Richard Hall. Grading refers to the evaluation of the caviar’s tone (color), texture (firmness), and taste.

New to Caviar?

Be sure to check out our guide for care and service. Note that caviar will remain optimal in your refrigerator, unopened, for 4-6 weeks. Crucially, once opened you should consume within three days.
Our Caviar Serving Assortment includes everything you need to serve and enjoy our caviar (bliniscreme fraiche, and mother of pearl spoons).

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped via UPS Next Day Air. If a future delivery date is chosen, your order will ship the day before the selected date. If an order is placed after cutoff (2pm ET), your order will ship the next available shipping day. For example, orders placed after 2pm ET on Thursday will ship on the following Monday for Tuesday delivery.  Our shipping department is closed Friday-Sunday.  We do not offer Saturday or Monday delivery. Please see our Shipping FAQ for more info here

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