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Why is Caviar a Delicacy?

Why is Caviar a Delicacy?

When you toast a special occasion, such as a birthday, would you use an unknown wine with no clear grape source or type? What about a wine that had added dyes? If the answer is no, then don’t make the same mistake with caviar. These special moments deserve the best.

Hello and welcome to Browne Trading Company aka the go-to supplier for the finest seafood, smoked fish, and caviar since 1991. Consider this online portal your very own concierge for restaurant-only ingredients. In fact, all the products you see here receive the same packing, and overnight shipping from our Portland, Maine facility as your favorite restaurants across the country. Rest assured, you’re receiving the best quality, freshest access, and most curated selection in the USA.

oysters and caviar

Our caviar story starts in 1984 when Chef Jean-Louis Palladin asked Rod Browne Mitchell why doesn’t he offer caviar? Back then, wild sturgeon swelled the international market with fisheries thriving all over the world. As regulations started to restrict importation, Rod sought out the most reputable caviar farms. After visiting many, meeting their owners, and of course, tasting the pearls, he realized there is so much caviar knowledge that the average consumer might not know. Thereafter, Rod’s mission from his extensive sourcing became educating consumers on what exactly they put in their mouth and delivering the highest quality caviar.

Jean-Louis and Rod harvesting maine scallops

For gourmands, few edible experiences resonate as special as caviar. This comes down to its years, sometimes decades of dedicated breeding and farming to harvest world-class caviar. We compare an exquisite caviar to a similar aging dedication to a fine bottle of wine or caviar’s fresh rarity to a seasonal truffle, picked and consumed at the perfect ripeness. Without a doubt, we consider every bite of caviar as a treat.

No matter the geographic residence or budget, caviar popularity continues to rise as a celebratory indulgence. After all, what better way to commemorate a special milestone than with a perfect tin that shines as brilliantly as the accomplishment? Just as smashed bubbly christens a boat, cigars accessorize graduates’ wardrobes, or professional milestones warrant a date at your favorite restaurant, caviar alludes the same joy.

In a post-pandemic era, there is no better time than the present to make special occasions, well, special.

caviar service with champagne

Commensality is one of the greatest joys in life that we get to enjoy multiple times a day. Make the most of these edible moments and create memories in each bite with the best caviar in the world.

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