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Smoked Ora King Salmon

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4 ounce or 1.75-2 pound sliced side 

Introducing Browne Trading's own Smoked Ora King Salmon. We are proud to bring our #1 product into our own smokehouse, and offer it in 4 ounce portions and whole sliced sides. The 25% fat content gives a sincere and unbeatable marble, making this some of the highest quality smoked salmon you will ever have. You can expect a clean taste with this nova, cold-smoked style. Enjoy the sliced salmon purely on your favorite bagel or with a decadent quenelle of caviarWe ship frozen to preserve the natural fresh flavor.

"The highly prized King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is itself a rare luxury, making up less than one percent of the world’s salmon population. The high oil content naturally present in the Ōra King breed can be seen in the marbled fat lines within the bright orange flesh, delivering an elegant buttery texture and excellent plate appeal.

Ōra King is the culmination of a classical breeding programme that has spanned two decades and is designed to yield only the highest quality King salmon with the most appealing taste, texture and colour. Through classical breeding, responsible husbandry, selective grading and careful handling, the salmon are nurtured throughout their lifecycle, minimizing stress and fatigue, and are humanely harvested using a percussive stunning method based on the traditional Japanese Ike Jime technique. These efforts to reduce stress result in a minimal release of lactic acid, which, along with rapid chilling, helps ensure a desirable texture." - Ora King Salmon

Handcrafted On-Site

We make our Smoked Ora King Salmon in our boutique smokehouse, located in Portland, ME. Our smoke master cures, brines, smokes, skins, and packages by hand in small batches for high quality and consistently outstanding smoked salmon. We ship frozen to preserve the natural fresh flavor.

Did you know that smoked fish has a long shelf life? Sealed smoked fish lasts several weeks in the fridge and frozen smoked fish lasts a few months!

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