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Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.
Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.

Portuguese Sardines


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Starting at $48.00
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 Approx. 6-10 whole fish per pound. 2 pounds total.

Fresh and wild Portuguese Sardines arrive whole and unprocessed. These robust sardines hail from the shores of Portugal and are a true delicacy for those that prefer the fresh and unaltered fish.

Wild Portuguese Sardines are extremely fresh but perishable. We receive them on Tuesday nights and they only last a few days. We recommend placing orders starting Tuesday at 2pm ET, having them arrive on Thursday or Friday, and eating before the end of the weekend. All orders placed for Tuesday or Wednesday delivery will be notified to move their order for Thursday/Friday.
For best preparation, rinse the whole fish under cold water for the scales to wash off. Then, slice the middle (head on or head off), and remove the guts and spine. The spine should pull out the rest of the bones. Then, fill with salt, pepper, and herbs. You can also butterfly the fillets instead. We recommend grilling or flash frying before serving on crostini. Watch our filleting tutorial here! 
  • Harvest Region: Portugal
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How it ships

Fresh, never frozen


Arrive fresh from Portugal on Tuesday nights. Extremely perishable; consume before end of week.


Wild; Portugal


Exclusively at Browne Trading
Seasonal delicacy