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Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.
Caviar only orders ship free at $150. Seafood orders ship free at $300.

Maine Belon Oysters

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Starting at $80.00
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25 Oysters. Live.

As oysters go, Maine belon oysters are a special and delicious treat. Unlike most retail Maine oysters which are farmed, Maine belons oysters are a wild product. Their circular shape, varying color, and even attached seaweed give these oysters character and superb presentation.
The belon oysters have become renowned for their creamy flavor and sweet finish. They are delightful on the half shell and will be devoured by guests at any dinner party. While superb when consumed raw, they can also be cooked for stews or soups. Check out our Oyster Rockefeller and Belon Cocktail recipe for serving inspiration.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/CARE: Product is live. Discard oysters that have broken or still remain open after pressing on their shell. Store in fridge, covered in damp towels, preferably so they lie flat. DO NOT store in fresh water or ice. Do not store in airtight plastic containers or bags. Best when prepared the day of arrival, oysters will live up to 1 week in the fridge.

Read our Browne Blog for best caring and storage practices. For advice on shucking oysters, try our tutorial from James Peterson.

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How it ships

Fresh, never frozen


Arrives live twice a week to our Portland, Maine facility when in season. Fresh for 7-10 days from receipt.


Wild; Maine. Only available in the winter


Maine seafood
Hard to find!