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Exclusive US Distributors of Veta la Palma & Esteros Lubimar Seafood

Exclusive US Distributors of Veta la Palma & Esteros Lubimar Seafood

 If you are interested in the future of sustainable fish farming and you have not yet heard about Veta la Palma or Esteros Lubimar, then this is a must-read.

We make it our mission to seek new and revolutionary operations that focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and water quality. In this effort, Browne naturally became the exclusive provider for Veta la Palma and Esteros Lubimar in the US.

Veta la Palma - A Brief History

Veta la Palma created an aquafarm that produces the best seafood on the market today. To understand the dramatic biodiversity transformation of the estate, we must first dive into the farm’s history.

Before 1982, the prior owners drained the wet marshland to support their cattle ranches. The drainage caused devastating changes to the ecology and biodiversity across thousands of acres. More specifically, it wiped out 90 percent of the pre-existing bird life.

So how did this shift? In 1982, an environmentally conscience company purchased the land, pumped water back into the canals, and began reviving the estate into an ecological epicenter.

With the re-introduction of high-quality water, the estate was transformed from an ecological disaster to an ecological sanctuary- the perfect environment for fish, crustaceans and other marine vegetation.

In the last few years, Veta la Palma created a second brand called Esteros Lubimar that solely handles the seafood aquaculture while VLP handles the plancton products. 

Sustainability Plus

Not only does Esteros Lubimar sustain itself, similar to many aquafarms, it improves the environment in which it exists. This additional enhancement is called “Sustainability Plus” by our President, Rod Browne Mitchell.

So what is “Sustainability Plus”? Rod Mitchell defines it as “a biodynamic ecosystem in which the contained environment is enhanced by the wildlife that makes up the natural system.” Raised in free-flowing channels, Esteros Lubimar food chain starts with simple microalgae, produced naturally by the sun and waters. Mysis shrimp thrive on the algae, larger camarones shrimp feed on the mysis, and the fish feed on the camarones. Finally, the farmers harvest the fish for sale.

Environmental Harmony: Filtered by Nature

The process at Esteros Lubimar works harmoniously with the environment. In addition to improving the food chain, the natural landscape improves the water quality. For instance, the incoming water is naturally cleaned and filtered when it travels through the marshes. Therefore, the farm releases water back into the sea that is cleaner than when it arrived. The farmers at Esteros Lubimar describe this process as “fish farming that is extensive, not intensive.”

Another tremendous result of Esteros Lubimar's work is the staggering increase in bird species. The nutrient-rich and biodiverse waters attract 600,000 birds, covering 250 species, of which 50 are in endangered. The improvement in bird biodiversity makes Esteros Lubimar a fundamental for European bird conservation. Interestingly, VLP has a large enough abundance of marine life that biologists do not worry about birds depleting the stocks.

Unrivaled Quality

The result of Esteros Lubimar's ground-breaking farming practices transcends to their unbeatable seafood, regarding freshness, texture, and flavor. Biologists and aquaculture experts monitor the growth and health conditions of the fish in the aquafarms and through harvest to ensure first class quality.

Once matured to market size, Esteros Lubimar harvests fish by hand in low-impact seine nets. Then, they immediately put into slush ice, and ship for sale, resulting in pristine freshness upon arrival.

These practices are no secret to the US. In 2009, TIME Magazine recognized their efforts for not only raising superior fish but for setting the bar on sustainable and responsible aquaculture practices.

Lubimar's fish is unlike any farmed fish I’ve ever tasted. It’s sweet and clean – like tasting a bite of the ocean.”

Why not give it a try!

Experience why Browne, and other top chefs in the United States, are raving about Veta La Palma and Esteros Lubimar.

Browne Trading's Veta La Palma & Esteros Lubimar Products:

Spanish Sea Bass (Lubina)


Plancton Marino

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